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Groups BABY 1 to 5, KIDS 6 to 11, TEENS 12 to 17, ADULTS 18+

For more details in each level and activities, please check our schedules branches in our menu.

We specialize in group or private classes of dance, singing, music or fitness.

Our program of over 210 group classes and 40 privates classes through the year allows students of all ages to attend the classes according to the level that suits them best.

From babies to adults, we will have a class for you!


MAD works with teachers specializing in each discipline to give you the best classes possible, mostly for amateurs who want to refine their knowledge in their own discipline.

Dance styles: ballet, modern jazz, contemporary, street jazz, break dance and tap.

Singing: modern or lyrical

Music: piano and guitar classes, and the "Do, Re & Me" method to introduce music to toddlers.

Fitness: Yoga, Pilates, Abs, Barres, Zumba, Fit Dance

Our 130m² terrace will allow us to offer you collective Yoga classes outside, from Spring to Fall. You will be able to take in the gorgeous lights of sunrise and sunset while at the same time following a relaxing Yoga class.

All the classes are group classes but can be private upon request.

Birthday : You may use one of our studio for a birthday party or Dance Party, find out here

A photography studio is also available upon request for model shots, books, children, babies and so on.