Do, Re & "Me" method for musical awakening.

MAD works hand in hand with Lauriane Dutter, who founded the Do, Re and "Me!" method in 1999.  This method is a fun music awakening program designed for children starting as young as 1. The main goal is for every child to enjoy learning about music and to enjoy making music together!

Each Do, Ré and "Me"! ® music teacher has been personally trained by Lauriane. MAD has the exclusivity of this method in the Principality of Monaco and its surroundings.



Your little one will discover music in a fun, reassuring and interactive way: in small groups and with an accompanying adult. With the help of the adult, baby will enjoy singing and moving fingers, hands & feet to French and English children’s songs. The puppet show they all look forward to brings several friendly plush puppets to life with great songs! Hands-on music time is the occasion to explore and try all kinds of little instruments.

"Baby Music" (MUSIC 1) is bilingual, taught in French and in English, by a qualified music teacher and her assistant. The class lasts 45 minutes.

Baby needs to be 12 months by October of the present school year (or about 18 months if you join us mid-year).



In small groups and with an accompanying adult, baby will enjoy making music along to classical music, jazz, music from around the world, and even rock 'n' roll! The children’s songs will evolve using more and more challenging gestures and lyrics. Singing along and participating in the happy plush puppet show will still be the highlight of this fun musical moment. New little instruments will progressively make their way into the hands-on music sessions. Now that baby walks and dances, it's time to enjoy move-with-the-music expression time with ribbons, scarves, and small percussion instruments!

"Toddler Tunes" (MUSIC 2) is taught simultaneously? in French and in English. The class lasts 45 minutes.

Baby needs to be 24 months by October of the present school year. (or about 28 months if you join un mid-year)

Groups BABY 1 to 3 yrs old