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What you need to know to register...

Registrations must be done with the secretary at school.

Depending on the course taken, several subscription options exist,

mostly according to school term, card or individually.

Privileged access to Parking Costa for the "Kiss & Dance".


This client account will allow all the students to access their profile, edit it and follow their subscriptions, their accounting status and download their receipts. No payment will be required online. During the first class, the registration fees and the amount owed for the courses followed will have to be settled. NB : the students will not be able to choose their dance classes online and will have to refer to the school with the managers to be sure to be in the right levels.

This account will enable the Fitness clients to sign up for weekly classes of their choice by connecting to the account and selecting their Fitness class. If the class is full, the information will be displayed before the registration and the student will be on the waiting list.


The client account will be created by the manager and few personal informations will be necessary to fill the family form of each new student. An email, a cell phone number and a postal adress will be asked. In case of large family, this operation will be done just once, and every child will be assocated to the family account.
— The informations will be strictly confidential and will never be spread. They will be used only for communications between the school and the students. —


An annual subscription fee of 30€, including VAT, by student will be asked during the sign up, for any class and at any moment of the school year. This fee is asked for every school year from September to June.


The school year is based on the one edited by the éducation nationale de Monaco, however our school year is divided in 2 terms that have to be settled in advance for the concerned classes (see the schedule and the details of the classes)
1st term (from October to winter holidays) payable during the sign up.
2nd term (from winter holidays to June) payable before winter holidays.
The two term do not have the same quantity of lessons, that’s why we offer two different plans to cover the year. The 1st term is longer than the 2nd.
Classes prorata
In case of late subscription, if the classes can’t be caught up with, a prorata will be apllied for the payment of the classes.

CLASSES BY CARD (3 months validity)

All Fitness classes can be followed with a card plan, with 10 lessons for 120€ including VAT (see the schedule for the class list)
The dance classes, the music discovery and singing are not concerned by this system of engagement.
The annual fee is also to pay for the students using the card.


FOR FITNESS: it is possible to try the Fitness classes without any plan but paying by lesson. (see the prices on the class details).
FOR ALL THE OTHER CLASSES: it is not possible to make a trial lessons for the dance and the music classes because the kids need to get used to the method to apreciate it (4 classes minimun, read below)


All the classes are limited in the number of students. Priority is for students of the past years.
For the new students (subscription in July and from September), a level evaluation can be requested by the school.
All the students by term are signing up for the whole term. However a cancellation of the first term is possible if, before the 4th lesson, if the student doesn’t stick to the discipline. In this case we pay off a part of the term, minus 80€ and minus the 30€ of the annual fee that remain gained for M.A.D..
We don’t take back or reimburse Fitness cards. They can be given to another student.
No geographical origin is needed for students. The private school is open to everybody.
All the students must apply to the school rules.

In case of force majeure, MAD will not be responsible for class cancellation or refunding in application of the Monaco Law, 1003.

Kiss & Dance !

Thanks to MAD's Membership card, you have access to the Parking Costa, 5th floor to pick up and fetch your child at the studio. Contact us for how to get this privileged access. 30 minutes free. CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR THE CARD