Groups BABY 4 to 5, KIDS 6 to 11, TEENS 12 to 17, ADULTS 18+
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MAD VOICE SCHOOL puts forward singing classes taught by singing teachers who come from the music academy. Those classes are accessible to every one with the desire to sing.

Piano accompanies all the classes.

Singing classes: Vocal technique, relaxation exercises, apprenticeship and exploration, vocal exercises and voice placement. The goal is to acquire self-control and self-confidence, to increase the voice's impact, to improve the listening abilities and to work on accuracy to discover the actual tone and vibration of your voice. The students practice interpretation using a repertoire of modern music to work on the technique while emphasizing the fun aspect of music.

Musical classes: Come sing, act and move with Marieke. The focus of the class is not only to unlock the potential of the student in each of these disciplines, but also to learn to combine them simultaneously. In a fun and engaging environment, the students will learn the various aspects of Musical Theatre, with the support of songs from musicals and musical movies. Classes will be given in English.


"Broadway" class: The purpose of this course is to interpret the great classics of Broadway Musical as an adult choir. Accessible to teens and adults, under the direction of Marieke.

STUDIO Prod, 3 & 4 are dedicated to singing & music classes.

The classes start from the age of 4 and are made for children, teenagers and adults. Classes of 6 people max.